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How we stand out

“We are data driven, results oriented, and believe that enjoyable
experiences in a natural environment breed true long-term success.“
-Fayge Orzel, Clinical Director

Comprehensive Assessment

Through a functional behavior analysis, our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) evaluates your child’s behavior and how he or she reacts to triggers in the environment. The assessment will also consider non-academic factors that may affect your child’s ability to learn or acquire new skills.

The Results:

The BCBA develops a tailored treatment plan that will guide the therapy sessions and help your child make great strides.

Parent Training

Parental involvement is the most effective way to help a child acquire the tools they need to succeed. We include parent training as a key component of each treatment plan, and strongly encourage parental feedback.

The Results:

Our parents can effectively incorporate therapy goals at home, maximizing the outcome of ABA intervention.

In-home ABA Services

Your child can master social cues, emotional responsiveness, communication skills, and self-care with individualized ABA therapy in the comfort of home. Our RBTs incorporate engaging activities into the sessions, allowing your child to learn new skills in a playful setting. 

The Results:

Interventions address all aspects of daily living, helping to achieve life-changing results.

ABA Therapy in the School Setting

Our goal is to provide your child with holistic support so they can experience positive reinforcement in their social, academic, and home environments. We arrange for shadow teachers and partner with your child’s educators to develop effective teaching strategies that incorporate principles of ABA therapy in schools.

The Results:

By working together, we improve therapy effectiveness and enable more efficient progress across various settings.

Now Offering Telehealth Services

We prioritize our families’ safety and convenience always.

Get service and support with our user-friendly and HIPAA compliant
video conferencing technology.

Whether at our headquarters or in your home, our team is taking all necessary COVID-19 precautions to keep the environment safe.

Always aiming for more.

Our team constantly reevaluates effectiveness and progress.

We’re dedicated to seeing results in various settings:

Getting Dressed

While Learning

On the Playground

At Mealtime

With Family

At Bedtime

Case Study

Meet Tommy

Tommy began ABA therapy at age 3. At the onset of services, he presented as nonverbal, tantrumed most of the day, and rocked back and forth on his swing. He was extremely self-directed, and rarely interacted with those around him.

A comprehensive treatment plan was put in place by a BCBA, targeting his deficits from all angles. Primary intervention included:

Mand training
Engagement with an adult through reciprocal interaction
Building his receptive language repertoire

During ABA sessions, therapists worked intensively with Tommy, by teaching him how to ask for reinforcing items first by indicating through pointing and moving his way up to echoing. Finally, he verbally requested the item. 

The therapists also worked on Tommy’s engagement as he rocked on the swing, in his comfort zone. They used finger plays, peek a boo, singing familiar songs, and focused on increasing eye contact.

During discrete trial training, Tommy would eventually be taught how to sit for extended lengths of time at the table, follow simple instructions, and imitate gross motor movements.