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As a Connect N Care ABA client, you’ll meet a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who are passionate about helping families embrace autism. Our holistic approach encompasses the whole child and uses ABA techniques to address a variety of challenges.

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Experience the Best In-Home ABA Therapy

At Connect n Care ABA, we are proud to offer quality in-home ABA therapy services in Georgia. We understand the importance of providing therapy in a familiar and comfortable environment, and our highly trained therapists bring the benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) directly to your home. With our commitment to excellence and personalized care, we strive to deliver the highest quality in-home ABA therapy available. Witness the transformative power of our services as we address your child’s unique needs, promote skill development, and foster meaningful connections within their natural surroundings. Trust Connect n Care ABA for the best Autism therapy at home that ensures convenience, effectiveness, and exceptional results.

Meet Our Clinical Director

Fayge Orzel


Connect N Care is proud to have Fayge Orzel lead our professional team.

With fifteen years of experience in special education and applied behavior analysis, Fayge is an expert in helping children and young adults overcome the limitations linked with autism. Through her work as a teacher and BCBA therapist, she has enabled hundreds of children to achieve emotional and cognitive goals once thought impossible. 

Fayge develops a customized, clinically proven ABA program to unlock the potential within each child. With compassion and professionalism, she grasps the impact of ASD on families and is there to support them during their difficult moments. Fayge implements a synergetic and cohesive approach, as she listens, collaborates, and guides families towards tangible progress.

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